AV Receivers & Speakers

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A good sound system will enhance your viewing experience, be it sports, movies, or just great sounding music.
Whether it's a Sound Bar on your TV, a full Surround Component system or even a Wireless Speaker system throughout your home, we can help you out with advice, supply & installation.

Pioneer AV Receivers

Packed with the latest audio and video technologies, Pioneer AV Surround Receivers are powerful, versatile and uncompromising.

Pioneer AV receivers use high-end technology and are packed with features:
* Dolby Atmos
* Bluetooth & Wi-Fi wireless streaming connectivity (Spotify & Pandora streaming music services/TuneIn internet radio/iOS and Android App)
* Google Cast
* Full Specification 4K Ultra HD compatibility
* Latest HDMI connectivity
* Upscaling of SD and HD video to 4K UHD
* High current discrete power output devices on all channels
* Multi source/Multi room (2 separate sources played in 2 separate rooms)
* Easy set-up and simple user friendly operation

Jamo Speakers

Designer finishes, Advanced technologies & Exceptional acoustics.
Cinematic acoustics for any

The Jamo S 628 HCS is the flagship speaker system in the Studio S 620 Series, with the power to reproduce every subtle detail in your movies and music and the ability to fill a large area with maximum acoustic impact.

Acoustics 3000 series Speakers  

The goal of Q Acoustics was to ‘raise the bar’ still further and once again set new performance standards for affordable loudspeakers.

Q Acoustics 3000 Series are an outstanding, genuine hi-fi loudspeaker. 
Visually striking & available in different finishes to match your decor.

Q Acoustics 3000 series brochure

Ranging in sizes, Q Acoustics 3000 series have a speaker to suit your home theatre:

* Compact Bookshelf speakers 3010
* Bookshelf/Standmount speakers 3020   
* Floorstanding Tower speakers 3050
* Centre Channel speaker 3090C
* Subwoofer 140W twin speaker 3070S