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Simplify your home entertainment experience!

Want to simplify your Home Entertainment experience?

This is the Logitech Harmony Smart Remote! There's no more need to fumble around with several remotes just to turn everything on or switch between TV, Foxtel & DVD. No more need to juggle remotes in order to change volume on your Receiver or SoundBar. Smart remotes solve all of this confusion by doing all of this for you. There's even an App for your phone or tablet to control it all with.

Want to listen to Digital Radio? Simply touch "DAB RADIO" and all required devices turn on!

When your done, the smart remote will turn everything off for you.

Since it uses your WiFi network, you can control your entertainment from all over your home. It's great for sitting outside & controlling your music without having to get up!

We'll not only supply the remote, but do all of the programming for you.

Harmony Smart Remotes are very easy to use... we'll show you how!

If you ever change or add an item of equipment, your remote will need to be reprogrammed. That's easy too! We'll give you a years worth of free programming with each Smart Remote system that you buy from us! Any extra programming that your entertainment system needs... we can do it remotely, you then simply plug your smart remote or hub into your computer & it will sync the updated programming to it.