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Throughout history, the television has been positioned in several different ways. Early TVs had small screens and were encased in large bulky cabinets rested safely on the floor. As technology advanced, the screens grew larger and the casing smaller. These TVs moved off the ground and rested on... Read More
ABC HD Is Coming Soon! - 08 December 2016
ABC is set to switch their main channel to High Definition (HD) in December.You can get all the info here:  Read More
Google's Android operating system, the same that you know & love on your mobile, is now set to be the way of the future for smart TV's. What's it all about? Perhaps the biggest advantage of Google's platform is that ultimately,... Read More
After working extra hours at the office for several weeks (if not months), you finally have enough money saved to upgrade your TV. You browse each option carefully and weigh the benefits against your budget. You want the ultimate entertainment experience, so you choose a 3D HD flat screen... Read More