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11 November 2016

ABC is set to switch their main channel to High Definition (HD) in December.

You can get all the info here:

ANDROID TV... Everything you need to know!

Google's Android operating system, the same that you know & love on your mobile, is now set to be the way of the future for smart TV's... click here to learn more!

Coming soon (mid June 2016)...

Philips NEW 4K UHD Android TV's

Explore the 55 inch 6800 Series... click here!
Explore the 65 inch 6800 Series... click here!

It's TV WALL MOUNTING month this April... make it awesome & Wall Mount it!

Get us to wall mount your TV & we'll throw in a standard flat wall bracket for FREE!

Nine network has made the switch to Full HD 1080

You will need to re-tune your TV sets.
After you re-tune your TV you will have Channel 90 available if you have a HD-enabled TV. If you don't receive Channel 90 after you re-tune then you don't have an Mpeg 4 decoder and will not be able to receive 9HD.
If you need help with this or want to upgrade to a new TV that is capable of receiving MPEG4... get in touch with us on 3395 8800.
We advise, supply, install & teach you how to use new TV's.
Honest service & best prices... our promise!

A Beginner's Guide to 7.1 Surround Sound Speakers

After working extra hours at the office for several weeks (if not months), you finally have enough money saved to upgrade your TV. You browse each option carefully and weigh the benefits against your budget. You want the ultimate entertainment experience, so you choose a 3D HD flat screen TV.

You hire a professional to mount your new equipment to your wall, and you love how it practically fills one side of your living room without hazardous cords lining the floor.



How to Improve Customers' Waiting Experience with TV

Between stoplights and airports, grocery store queues and bus stops, you spend many hours of your life just waiting. We all wait a lot, but that doesn't mean we like it. In fact, many people have a vocal contempt for waiting.

If your business includes a lobby or waiting area, you need to ensure that your customers can enjoy the time they spend waiting. Installing TVs in your waiting area can help. This blog discusses what makes waiting so disliked, how TVs help and how you can ensure that your business uses TVs correctly.


Here's a handy App for the traveller or caravaners & it works well for Australian transmitters!

Click below to download 'Find Antenna':

How to Position Your Flat-Screen TV on a Wall

Throughout history, the television has been positioned in several different ways. Early TVs had small screens and were encased in large bulky cabinets rested safely on the floor. As technology advanced, the screens grew larger and the casing smaller. These TVs moved off the ground and rested on stands.

Televisions today no longer need to rest on the ground or on stands. A growing trend with televisions is to install them on your wall. Here’s why you should hang your television on the wall and steps on how to do so properly.


Could You Benefit from CCTV?

Even if you don't use it yourself, you're probably familiar with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). You may have seen it used to create suspense on police dramas, or perhaps your own police department relies on CCTV to find suspects. You may remember that CCTV footage helped police track down the culprits in the July 2005 London bombings.

But how much do you really know about how CCTV works? You know it can benefit local law enforcement, but do you know how it can benefit your home or small business?


LCD Panels vs. Plasma Screens: Which One Should You Buy?

All flat screens are not created equal. Depending on the model, manufacturer, and type of flat screen you choose, you might find wildly different qualities. Of course you ought to research brand names and dimensions when you're shopping for a flat screen TV. But have you thought about the screen itself?

The two most common types of flat screens are LCDs and plasma screens. They have different pros and cons, but one type will probably work better in your living room than the other. Find out which one will work best for you.


How Digital Modulation Can Simplify Your Entertainment

As all kinds of audio-visual technology have developed, so have innovations that link this technology together. Think of a common way to listen to music from your iPod in the car. Using a radio tuner, you can broadcast the output from your iPod to a particular wavelength so you can listen to songs or podcasts through your own personal radio station.

That's amazing technology already. But did you know that you can get similar results for audio-visual equipment too? This is digital modulation.

Like the iPod radio tuner, digital modulation takes the signal from an audio-visual media player and turns it into a digital channel your antenna system can pick up. Soon you can flip through this content next to your free-to-watch channels.

This process might sound like just a neat trick, but it can make your media consumption a lot easier. Here are some uses for digital modulation that you might not have thought of before.


Improving the Speed and Range of Your Wireless Network

The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. You can shop, read the news, play games, send email, update social media, find directions-you get the idea. And, with a reliable wireless connection, you can do all these things from anywhere in your home.

Although you can access content on the Internet easily, you want the speed and coverage of your connection to be as strong as possible. You don't have time for poor coverage or dreaded dead zones.

If you are frustrated with the limitations of your wireless network, read on to learn what's causing the issue and how to fix it.


What 4G Might Mean for You

In July 2014, Optus and Telstra announced trials of its new 4G 700 MHz network. For now, these new services will be available in Darwin, Esperance, Fremantle, Griffith, Mildura, Perth and Mt. Isa.

According to Managing Director of Optus Networks, Vic McClelland, "We're expanding our superfast 4G network to more Australians this year, with plans to reach 90% of the Australian population by March 2015."

To start, Optus and Telstra customers with compatible devices will have access to the new network in a few areas. Then the service will become widespread by January 2015.

But what does this mean for you?


Coming up soon on the sporting calendar...
Bathurst 1000 & Melbourne Cup.

Have you planned a work function for these events? Make sure to impress your guests with nothing less than perfect coverage on the big day. Beat the rush and have Citywide Antenna Service ensure that your reception is the best that it can be! 

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How to use FreeviewPlus Catch Up TV


FreeviewPlus is here!

  • World-first for Australia 
  • Major new marketing campaign debuts tonight
  • Leading manufacturers and retailers announced 

A new era in Australian free-to-air TV begins today with the launch of FreeviewPlus, the new service that provides access to more content and services from the Freeview networks.
Heralded as one of the most important advances in free-to-air television in this country since the introduction of digital TV, FreeviewPlus will revolutionise the way Australians watch TV.

At the core of FreeviewPlus is a broadband-delivered free-to-air TV electronic program guide incorporating features that offer Australian consumers the most advanced, user-friendly free-to-air EPG experience.

FreeviewPlus also delivers the Freeview networks’ Catch Up services from one place on TV screens for the first time. Access to Catch Up and other services is easy, with viewers simply using the coloured buttons on their remote.

The FreeviewPlus service uses hybrid TV technology, which seamlessly combines broadband and broadcast TV. The technology also enables the free-to-air networks to introduce a range of new broadband services.

Australia's next step in Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV
FreeviewPlus, will launch on September 2.

Click below for the details:

4G/LTE is about to be trialed by telcos 

This 700MHz service has the potential impact on FTA TV systems particularly MATV systems with amplified channels in the UHF band.

Click for the full story:

Optus,Telstra activate 700MHz 4G trials