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Wireless Audio Speaker Systems Brisbane

Yamaha MusicCast Smart Speakers

Presenting Yamaha's latest technology, MusicCast - the revolutionary multi-room audio system that makes it possible to seamlessly share your music from room-to-room. Start with just one MusicCast device and hear the magic unfold. 

MusicCast is an award-winning multi-room technology featured on a range of different audio devices. From AV Receivers, Hi-Fi Systems, Sound Bars and Smart Speakers, share all kinds of music throughout your home seamlessly. All you need is the easy-to-use MusicCast app. It's that simple!

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Samsung Wireless Multi-room 360 

What if you could have music throughout your home without wires?

*Imagine the choice of playing different music in different rooms… all at the same time… or play the same music in all rooms at the same time!

*Imagine being able to connect to Smart TV’s, SoundBars & Home Theatre systems to further expand your music system!

The sophisticated Ring Radiator technology in Samsung's Wireless Multiroom Speakers with 360 Sound is designed to disperse sound in all directions, to create an immersive audio experience in your living space. With enveloping sound, you can enjoy superb, room-filling audio from virtually any listening position.

*Imagine if it was all controlled from your phone or tablet! (Android & Apple)

Why imagine when you can make it a reality with Samsung Wireless Multiroom 360.

The modern way to fill your home with seriously good sound!


* Control with your Android or iOS devices

* Connect over your existing WiFi network or via Bluetooth

* Play the same song in all rooms at the same time OR play different songs in each room at the same time. Control it all from the app with your phone or tablet.

* Works with Samsung Soundbars, Smart TV's & Home Theatre.

* With TV SoundConnect you can connect a compatible Samsung Smart TV to one or a pair of 360 Sound Speakers.

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